Our Wines

Wine, an art with multiple interpretations.

Making wine is an art. An art that has been perfected by the winemakers of the Valais and like any art, winemaking gives free rein to the creativity of those who practice it.

At Les Fils de Charles Favre, we take advantage of this creativity to offer 8 ranges and more than 50 wines, each with its own personality and character. You are sure to find the right wine for every occasion.

Sharing and conviviality are the values of the Petite Maison des Grands Vins. We wish you beautiful moments of discovery and friendship around our wines!

Favi Rouge renversé dans un verre de vin

Our Ranges

Bottle and glass of Dame de Sion wine from Fils de Charles Favre during the aperitif

Dame de Sion 

Fun and characterful. An essential part of any aperitif.

Already a favourite when it was launched in 1959, the Fendant Dame de Sion entered into legend in the nineties when the fondly missed Jean-Pierre created the “3/8ths”.

Even today this genius notion makes us think that, whilst we may not have invented the aperitif, we did invent the perfect wine for it.

Bottles of Favi White, Favi Red and Favi Sweet in a woman's arms


Charisma and generosity. Reserved for hedonists.

The Favi range (which takes its name from mixing ‘Favre’ and ‘Vins’) offers a collection of blended wines.

Launched in 2004, the brand just keeps growing and now represents one of the star products of the Small House for Great Wines. Available in red, white, rosé and Sweet, Favi offers balanced and fruity vintages with plenty of character.

Bottle of Pinot Noir Hurlevent des Fils de Charles Favre against a tree trunk in the forest


Tradition and values. A grape variety for every occasion.

Launched in 1959, the Hurlevent range offers 20 crus that honour the diversity of Valais grape varieties and specialities. From Fendant to Marsanne and Pinot Noir, each wine expresses our heritage and our passion for winemaking.

A year ago, the range was given a new armour. It’s a great opportunity to rediscover this historic range that embodies our values and traditions.

Whites: Fendant, Johannisberg, Chardonnay, Heida (Païen), Marsanne (Ermitage), Pinot Gris (Malvoisie), Petite Arvine, Muscat, Humagne Blanc, Dessert (sweet wine);

Rosés : Dôle Blanche and Oeil de Perdrix;

Red wines: Gamay, Dôle, Pinot Noir, Cornalin, Humagne Rouge, Syrah, Merlot and Cuvée Prestige (blend).

Bottle of Syrah Collection F des Fils de Charles Favre in the vineyard

Collection F

Elegance and refinement. Aged with patience and respect.

Collection F, the jewel of our production, combines a selection of vintages from the best sections of our vineyards: Fendant, Petite Arvine, Pinot Noir, Cornalin, Humagne Rouge, Syrah, Merlot, Douceur Rouge (liqueur wine).

Mostly matured in our ageing cellar, these high quality wines will meet the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs.


Terroir and abundance.

The village of Salquenen offers exceptional conditions. Its limestone soils and sunburnt hillsides are renowned for offering the ideal conditions for growing Pinot Noir.

The typicality and the authenticity of this region can be found in our Dôle (blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay) and our Pinot Noir.

Grand Cru Ville de Sion

Respect and identity.

The appellation Grand Cru Ville de Sion is based on strict regulations and checks, which impose quantitative limits on production and the density of planting; it ensures that the vine is cultivated according to environmental and social standards.
Before bottling, the label is only finally issued after the verdict of a tasting panel.

We offer a Syrah under this label.

Vin Cœur

Generosity and solidarity. A simple gesture of support.

The wines of the Vin Cœur range offer you the possibility of supporting the children of La Maison – Massongex in a concrete way.
For each bottle sold, Fendant, Pinot Noir, Petite Arvine or Cornalin CHF 2.00 is donated to the Terre des Hommes Valais Foundation.

A beautiful nectar from valuable terroirs, for a world of sharing.

Les Fils de Charles Favre