Our cellar, our heritage

Our cellar was founded in 1944 in Sion by Charles Favre, assisted by his three sons. For nearly 80 years, we have been perpetuating the wine-making tradition of the company and the Sion region, through excellence and sharing. Our vintages are made from carefully selected grapes grown in the most prestigious vineyards in the Valais (Clavoz, Tourbillon, Molignon).

Exceptional wines

Our white, red and rosé crus are a true tribute to the richness of the terroir and will delight the most demanding palates. The jewels in the crown of our production, the registered brands Dame de Sion, Hurlevent, Favi and Collection F, are the unanimously appreciated ambassadors of “La Petite Maison des Grands Vins”.

The latest addition to the Hurlevent range, our Chardonnay 2022, will surprise you with its great freshness and incredible finesse.

Tradition and sharing

As a family, with friends, with colleagues… In the open air, in a wine bar, here or elsewhere.
At the bar or around a dining table.
The pleasure of tasting, together. Discovering new flavours, always. Talking about life, often. Changing the world, sometimes. But also the pleasure of treating somebody (or yourself).
Because ultimately, whatever the reason…

Bottle of Dame de Sion from Les Fils de Charles Favre in poppies


Visit Espace F

Visit Espace F

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Les Fils de Charles Favre